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The History of the Flourless Chocolate Cake

We’re yet to find someone who doesn’t salivate at the sight of this:

flourless choc cake


Flourless chocolate cake is sumptuous, decadent and rich. Hailing from the Italian island of Capri, there are several legends behind its creation. An early legend speaks of an Austrian princess married to the King of Naplesho wanted an Austrian Chocolate Cake (a Sacher cake). However, the Neapolitan chefs didn’t know how to bake one, and so through improvisation created the Caprese Torta (its Italian name). A second tale involves a baker, who, while fulfilling an order for a café forgot to add the flour to the mix. A few other urban myths include that of a flustered woman baking a cake for American gangsters overlooking the flour or an overworked sous-chef mistaking the cocoa powder for flour. Although its true origins are unknown, each story is threaded with the common theme of the chef making a mistake. All in all, the cake was an accident – hence it often called “uno dei pasticci più fortunati della storia” or one of history’s most fortunate mistakes.


If the flavor wasn’t enough for you, this cake is also incredibly versatile. You can dress it up and portion it into individual cupcake molds or cups, or even into mini cake bites, both of which are perfect for any party or reception you might be hosting. The mixture itself is very malleable, and so it will sit perfectly in any mold you choose to use. Its dense texture is perfect for shaping the cake. We personally love the heart tin for a romantic twist. Enjoy it by itself, or serve with a dollop of gelato or a dribble of whipped cream – and you’re guaranteed to be the most popular chef.


flourless choc cake2


Whatever the error, we couldn’t be happier with the results – and we know you will be too!

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