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Apple Baking Guide

At Red Velvet, we LOVE apple season. It’s just the best time of year! We get to go apple picking, make apple desserts, make some apple snacks, smell all our apple treats baking and cooking, and get a healthy serving of fruit while we’re at it. What’s not to enjoy?! Baking with apples can be tricky, since there are so many varieties out there, and so many delicious desserts to bake. We’ve got a handy guide to coach you through apple baking season. Oh, and we have some desserts that are pretty amazing too. 

Complete Apple Baking Guide

A Guide to Apples and Baking

With 9 different apple varieties available for picking and eating in the Fall, it’s hard to choose the right apples for the right dessert. That’s why this handy chart helps you decide on an apple variety for the delicious dessert you’re whipping up (or just for snacking on): 

Apple Baking Guide

So why is baking with apples so amazing?

Well, a few reasons. First, they provide a lot of moisture to any baked good, which means that your cakes, cupcakes, and loaves will be wonderfully fresh and moist. Next, they are naturally sweet, which means you have to add less “real” sugar to your recipes. Finally, they’re healthy! Apples have heaping doses of vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and are just great for our hearts. All this makes you want to get baking, right? It sure does for us!

What are you baking this Fall (with apples, of course)?

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