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Homemade Desserts For Your Furry Friends

Your pet deserves a special treat, right?


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If you’re the type that feels guilty because you can’t share a sweet treat with your pet, then we’ve got the list for you. There’s actually plenty of yummy desserts that are perfect for your furry friend.


Paw Print Biscuits

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Paw print biscuits are the cutest way to treat your dog after a long walk or just because you can’t resist their begging face. Bake a large batch and store them in a jar so you always have treats on hand.


Kitty Delights

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Identical to little thumbprint cookies, these treats are fast, easy and will leave your cat purring for more.


Frozen Yogurt

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A favorite for many, can also be a favorite for your dog or cat! You can buy pre-made or simply freeze yogurt containers. Your pet will be especially grateful for this treat in the summertime.


Peanut Butter Treats

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Did you know dogs love peanut butter too? Fido will love these peanut butter biscuits, and they’re easy to make!


Puppy Kisses

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Tiny treats are a great way to help with training. Since your pup can’t enjoy Hershey Kisses, Puppy Kisses are definitely the next best thing!

Make any of these desserts and you’re sure to show your furry friend just how much you love them!

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