Take the Cake: Bite-sized Inspiration for the Savvy Baker

Spring Desserts Are Here To Delight

Spring has officially sprung…do you know what that means? Delicious spring desserts, of course!


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Cupcakes and cheesecakes and cakes, oh my! From showers to brunches, our spring desserts are sure to delight all of your guests.


Lavender Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

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Lavender infuses these cupcakes with the essence of Southern France. Deliciously surprising, they’re a refined treat.


Lemon Cupcakes With Candied Lemon Peel

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With three layers of lemon, these cupcakes burst with bright citrus flavor. Lemon cake is soaked in lemon syrup, topped with lemon frosting, and garnished with a candied lemon peel.


Cheesecake Minis With Strawberry Swirl

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These New York style cheesecakes get a strawberry swirl and graham cracker crust, and can be both baked and served in our oven-safe paper cups.


Coconut Cake With Toasted Flakes

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Toasted coconut flakes and coconut cream turn a classic cake into a stunner.

Try any of these desserts, or have two delivered each month through our subscription service, and your springtime is sure to be sweet!

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