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Celebrating Mother’s Day from Near and Far

Mother’s Day is almost here, and whether you live in the same city as mom, or across the country, there are many ways to show you care. Here are a few suggestions to make this Mother’s Day a special one.

If you live far away

A sweet, funny or cute card is the first (and easiest) thing you can get your mom. While there is always a Mother’s Day section in any card store, you don’t have to limit yourself there.  Many blank cards with cute pictures, — baby animals are always a good option — also serve as great Mother’s Day cards, and allow you to write your own note in.


Brit + Co has some adorable ideas for the cooooool mom (read as Amy Poehler Mean Girls Character) like the one above, and some more over here.



Now that you’ve got your card, what else can you get mom?  Does she like music?  If so, and if you have a little time, why not make her the modern equivalent of a mix CD? Find some songs you know she loves, or that you two have listened to together over the years, and make her a playlist that can easily be sent digitally, or if your mom is old school (like most of them are) mail her a mixtape with all of your favorite maternal tunes.

  • The Perfect Fan by the Backstreet Boys, because who doesn’t love a good late 90’s Jam session
  • Mother by Pink Floyd, so mom can be reminded of a time of your constant nagging questions (i.e. are we there yet?, what’s for dinner?, why can’t I skip school and be a princess?)
  • And finally Dancing Queen, because for some reason all moms love Abba. It’s not an observation it’s a fact.

For a complete list, see Billboard Magazine’s picks.



Does mom like to bake or cook, or want to learn?  If so, compile some of your favorite recipes for her into a homemade or digitally made cookbook. Nothing complicated is required. An easy way to physically compile recipes is to either put them on recipe cards and put them in a cute box, or paste them into a small blank journal.  Or, easily compile a recipe book on Word and send it off to mom! If you’re baking for mom and aren’t a pro (or are just short on time) we’re always here for you to fall back on.

  • Another option is to find a local place that your mom loves or has been wanting to try, and send her a gift certificate so she can go enjoy it on you.


If none of these options sounds just right, a framed photo of you two or the larger family will work for any mom, no matter her interests.This is the adult version of a macaroni art frame, so don’t be surprised if mom cries those mom tears of nostalgia and sentiment.

These super cute ones from Anthropologie are a good pick!



If you live nearby

If you live close you can still hand over a mixtape or a sweet card, but you better deliver it in person or you have high chances of getting a passive-aggressive phone call from your mom about how great your sister is for bringing her kids over for dinner. Just saying.


Baking or cooking with mom  is a lovely way to spend the day together.  Try whipping up  a new recipe, and then feast with the rest of your family.  Enjoy the treats at home, or include them in an outdoor picnic!


You can also go to a museum, sporting event, wine tasting, a nice meal, or you can sit on the couch and talk about how Carrie should have ended up with Aiden (unpopular opinion).  The most important thing is to let mom know you care.

Finally, don’t forget to call mom first thing in the morning and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, even if you’re stopping over later!


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