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The 7 best ways to pull off a fabulous Friendsgiving

It’s nearly Thanksgiving…which means it’s a few days until Friendsgiving!

If you weren’t already aware, this is THE chosen weekend for that annual grab-every-friend feast that you throw together annually. We love any excuse to get the people we love around a big table with lots of amazing food.  So we’re sharing the seven best ways to pull off a fabulous Friendsgiving! 

1. Be Inclusive

We firmly believe, that the more, the merrier! It’s the holidays, so invite everyone from your neighbor to your friends sisters cousin. They might even show up with some fabulous dish, or a fancy bottle of wine. Hey, you might even make new friends!

2. Share the Workload

If you’re hosting, you’ve definitely taken on most of the most responsibility when it comes to planning for the big meal. Feel free to tell your guests what to bring or cook. You’re ultimately the one that gets to decide how much work you want to take on. Remember, this is a pot luck, so don’t be shy when it comes to doling out dishes. If you’ve got a friend who’s dying to make her famous roasted butternut squash ricotta crostini (yum), let her!

3. Be considerate of food allergies

These days, it can be a bit tricky meal planning around dietary restrictions, allergies, or intolerances. Have your co-hosts tell you what they’re bringing with them, and let every guest know what’s on the menu, so you can avoid any hiccups.

4. Gather around – not just at a big table

If you’ve got a lot of guests in your home, you don’t have to be around a big table. Guests can perch on benches, couches, really anywhere they can find a seat and munch on some grub.

5. Make it DIY

DIY Friendsgiving Table

You don’t need the latest Thanksgiving dish-ware from Williams Sonoma to make an elegant table. Take some pumpkins and gourds, grab some paint, get some kraft paper, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous tablescape. 

6. Try something new!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try that dip recipe you found on Pinterest, or recreate that yummy cocktail you had this summer. Maybe you’re dying to bake a dessert and let someone else baste that 22lb turkey. Try your hand at something new this year. And if it’s a total fail, don’t worry – your friends will love you anyway!

7. Celebrate your friends

Do a happy dance. It’s time to celebrate your friends (new and old)!

No matter how you spend your Friendsgiving, we know it will be fabulous! 

We’re thankful for our you! XOXO

Now, let’s talk about dessert!

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