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The Perfect Dessert Pairings For Oscars Night

Hosting an Oscars party this year?

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Why not make your party extra special with desserts that pair perfectly with five of this year’s Best Picture nominees!

La La Land

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With Hollywood as the backdrop of this love story, you can’t go wrong with our classic Red Velvet Cupcakes to mimic that well-known red carpet. Top them off with glittery gold hearts to really capture the crossroads of fame and love.


Hidden Figures

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Honor the incredible story of the four brilliant women who worked for NASA with some galaxy cookies that are truly out of this world.



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This portrait of contemporary African American life is an intensely personal depiction of identity, family, friendship and love. Highlight the Miami backdrop of this film with some creamy, caramel flan.


Manchester by the Sea

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This powerful, deeply touching drama dives into the dynamics of a working-class family in a tragic, emotional way. So what’s better than a warm, gooey comfort food like Bread Pudding?



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This drama set in 1950s Pittsburgh is based off the play by August Wilson. Tap into this classic Pittsburgh setting with one of their most famous desserts, a burnt almond cake.

Serve any of these treats, and your party will be sure to win all of the Oscars!

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