Take the Cake: Bite-sized Inspiration for the Savvy Baker

7 Ways Cooking Brings People Together

We know that the kitchen is always more lively when there are friends are around. Plus, cake always tastes better with a side of laughter.

1. Picking out tunes

Choosing a soundtrack is the best part of basically anything. The music makes the moment. Whether you’re going for a run or driving to the beach the tunes you put on set the mood. So pick a playlist before you start cracking eggs. Singing along to No Scrubs makes everything better, we swear by it.


2. Lessons

Do you have that one friend who somehow still can’t make pasta or make toast? Well here is your shot to play Rachel Ray. Put on your apron and get ready to pass on your knowledge to the culinarily challenged.


3. Sharing Cultures

Whether you’re from New York or New Zealand, we all have different recipes in our arsenal. Let the city girl teach you how to make cheesecake the right way, the southern belle give lessons in peach cobbler, and the French girl whip up some creme brulee. No matter where you’re from, food tastes like home, so give your friends a bite of culture.


4. Tradition

We all know that there is nothing better than grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. So dust off  those old recipe cards and take a bite of some nostalgia. Tradition tastes so sweet.


5. Competition

Who can bake the best tart? Who can decorate cupcakes that deserve to be framed in the Whitney Museum? Friendly competition is always a blast whether you’re playing frisbee in the park or having a bake off. So challenge your most talented friends (or you’re least talented friends if you’re that competitive) and make some memories.


6. The clean up

Washing dishes may not be everyone’s favorite pastime but it means spending more time in the kitchen with the people you love. Throw on Washing Dishes by Jack Johnson and lick the spoon when no one is watching.


7. Eating

Ah, our favorite part about baking. Diving into the delicious treats you just whipped up is the best way to end an hour of hard work and whisking. The best memories are created around a table, so laugh, eat, and save room for dessert.


The best memories are created around a table, so laugh, eat, and save room for dessert.


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