Take the Cake: Bite-sized Inspiration for the Savvy Baker

Best Baking Partners

So it’s time to get cracking (eggs, of course) and you’re deciding who should be bestowed with the present that is your presence.

Gather your girl gang and get going. Here are some tips for cooking with a squad, young or old, novice or pro.



In honor of the upcoming holiday it’s time to show mom some extra love. Bring her over to your brand new shoebox-called-kitchen and show her all the new skills you gained from a lifetime of hard work (or you YouTubed how to crack an egg five minutes before she showed up… semantics). Cooking with mom is all about uncorking your most adult wine, putting on some Sinatra, and impressing the socks off your birth-giver, biggest fan, and favorite cook. Mom has been killing the cookie game since as long as you can remember so now it’s your turn to learn the old recipes and continue the culinary tradition.



Whether you’re the cool aunt, the working mom, or you’re hanging out with your friends kids so they can get a moment of peace, cooking with young people is an adventure. Enjoy the questions they ask you about how chocolate grows and if they can be both a princess and the President. Kids are a blast, plus they make you seem soooo smart and put together. Yes you can read a recipe, and to them, you’re Einstein. Teach them a few things and have them enjoy the finished product. Nothing is more valuable than enjoying the fruits of your labor (or cupcakes of your labor, whatever). And kids just say the darndest things.

olden days child



Here is your time to gather all the family secrets. From how to bake grandma’s famous cookies to what your mom really was like in college, she has the low down. Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you, she knows all. So learn the recipes you’ve grown up eating and spend some quality time with your nana. After all, she might surprise you with some wild stories about growing up in the good old days. Bonus: in grandma’s eyes you can do no wrong, so don’t be embarrassed about using salt instead of sugar or not cleaning your apartment in weeks. You might just have to grin through the questions about why you aren’t married yet, and at the end of the day that’s a small price to pay for all the laughs you’ll have.




So whoever you choose to be your partner in crème, happy baking!

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