Take the Cake: Bite-sized Inspiration for the Savvy Baker

Best Reads While Waiting For Your Cupcakes

Our new friends over at Hot Dudes Reading partnered up with us for their book signing at The Strand on Wednesday May 4th.

Come by for some delicious cupcakes and some cute men in suits, perhaps our two favorite things.In the meantime here is our teams favorite reads for when your cupcakes are in the oven.


Mastering The Art of French Cooking:

Over at Red Velvet we think everyone should know how to make the perfect Crème brûlée, and who better to teach you than Julia Child herself? Learning to bake while baking? Sounds perfect!

The Beautiful and the Damned:

Although the title of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic may describe your first ever batch of macaroons, it’s not about how pretty yet tragic your first at bat was. This book takes place in our favorite town, New York, and is incredibly romantic…until it really isn’t. But nonetheless this is a perfectly good read if your treats have an extra long time in the oven, because it’s hard to put down.

Alice in Wonderland:

This Lewis Carroll hit is more than a children’s movie.  Yes, it may have been written for eight year olds but this book is essentially a bad trip after Alice eats some questionable desserts. It’ll inspire you to get your recipe right, or fear playing croquet with flamingoes.

The Prince:

Did you start a cupcake battle with your friends over some outlandish wager? Do you mistrust the advice of your advisors (like Martha Stewart) about how to crack an egg, because to you, advisors warrant skepticism? You, my dear, may be overwhelmingly Machiavellian. Learn how to take over the world with your cupcakes and possibly military prowess by picking up this fan favorite.

Humans of New York:

As actual humans of New York City, over here at Red Velvet we love the ability to people watch from our own home (without sitting on the fire-escape drinking coffee like a weird old man). HONY lets us do just that. So cheers to getting a taste of the city no matter where you are in the world!

Hot Dudes Reading:

You know that guy you see every morning on the subway with the nice hair and shined shoes with Plato in his hands? You know the guy you’re totally in love with from afar? This book is essentially a compilation of that guy.


You’re welcome.

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