Take the Cake: Bite-sized Inspiration for the Savvy Baker

Frosting is a magical thing. 

We like to think of frosting as the crown to any cupcake. Not too sweet, not too much, and not too rich. It’s a tough balance to strike.  Once you’ve mastered the taste and recipe for your frosting, you have a new challenge: make it look pretty. So we’re here to give you a few pointers on creating your masterpiece.



First, always frost cupcakes once cooled. If they are still warm, your frosting will melt.

Cupcakes on rack

Next, use a piping bag. Professionals do, so why shouldn’t you?


To use a piping bag, fold over the top to form a cuff. Scoop in your frosting using a spatula, while holding the bag under the cuff (your hand will be covered by the plastic fold). Once all your frosting is in the bag, unfold the cuff. Push the frosting down toward the narrow tip with one hand, releasing any air bubbles. Once the frosting is well packed, twist the top of the bag to “seal” it (temporarily). Then, cut about an inch of the bag off at the tip. This will be your frosting spout. Push the frosting down once more, until it’s almost at the tip, and cinch the top of the bag by twisting once again. Your air should be released, and you should have nothing but a taught bag of frosting.


Hands have to be positioned in the right place to work your magic. Use your dominant hand to grip the bag at the top, by the twist closure. This hand should have a firm grip over the bag, and be the hand to apply pressure. Every few cupcakes, you will have to readjust, and push more frosting down, and close the bag taught again. Use your other hand to guide the bag, or hold the cupcake in place.


You will follow a circular motion when frosting. Start from the outside edge of the cupcake and work inwards toward the center. Work clockwise from the back outside edge of the cupcake, creating a circle of frosting. Once you’ve come back to your point of origin, make another smaller circle, filling in the inner ring of exposed cupcake. Then, finish your frosting by making one more tiny loop and ending in the center. Generally, it’s about 3 small circular movements, with a final push at the end to release and create a small tip in the center. You’ll find that you can see the rings of frosting, but they should always be inter-connected.


"Blob" of Nutella frosting, thanks to the beautiful styling of Mindy at Finding Silver Linings

“Blob” of Nutella frosting, thanks to the beautiful styling of Mindy at Finding Silver Linings

We think this is the prettiest way to frost. But if this is too complicated, you can always just “push and release” until you’ve got a nice blob of frosting in the center of your cupcake.

Plus, sprinkles (and toppings) hide any imperfections!

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