Take the Cake: Bite-sized Inspiration for the Savvy Baker

How to Eat A Cupcake: A Complete Guide

There are a lot of cuisines that come with a set of rules.

For example, as New Yorkers we believe that cutting your pizza should be a federal offense. Slurping your oysters is a necessity but slurping your soup is a no-no.

However, in a world full of culinary customs cupcakes are the rogue anarchists of sweet treats. They have no handbook. They have no governing body. And there is an accepted way to munch on one of our favorite snacks.

So here at Red Velvet we decided to take the plunge for you. Just like Carrie explores the ins and outs of dating in New York City (another plague we face) we have explored the ins and outs of eating a cupcake, and still looking like a lady.


The Old Fashioned Way (the face smash):


How it works: Hello overly-eager friends. You just whipped up a delicious batch of gourmet cupcakes or grabbed yourself a sweet treat on your commute home and to put it simply, you’re HYPED. You peel off the wrapper with slightly less (okay way less) grace than Princess Diana would have and go to take a bite quicker than we can say matcha. You care not about the frosting on your face nor the crumbs on your shirt, because you have reached dessert nirvana. This method says that you are fearless, brazen, and hungry. Either you are sitting in your living room with your feet up or in true New York fashion, you are out and about and simply don’t care how your cream cheese concealer looks to the world.


The Charlotte:


How it works: Now we have never seen Charlotte eat a cupcake (she once went to a bakery and ordered fruit which is a crime we will overlook for the sake of space) but if she were to this is how we assume it would go. If you are like Charlotte, you have your life together. You don’t eat halal as you run to the subway or pick up dollar coffee from a street-cart on your block. You wake up on the first ring of your alarm and start your day with your Nespresso. More importantly you make time to sit down and eat, and are not forced into the solutions one invents in order to eat and stroll (okay slow jog) when running late. So you make the time to indulge at the hip bakery down in SoHo where you are served a cupcake atop a porcelain plate alongside a fork and knife. So cut into your cupcake with class (ensuring you have 8 lovely little bites), but make sure you don’t treat your pizza the same.


The Cupcake-Sub:

photo credit: Giphy

photo credit: Giphy

How it works: Now here is where we get creative. Do you want to achieve the perfect icing-to-cake ratio but currently in a public place and fear being smeared with cream cheese? Well then this is the method for you. Peel back the wrapper from your treat, grab the bottom half, twist and pull. Now that your cupcake is separated in two, take the bottom piece and flip it on top of the icing. Viola, you have now created a cupcake-sandwich. The perfect yin-yang balance of frosting and icing is in your hands and it’s time to dive in.

Now enjoy your creation my sweet, and impress your friends with your handiwork.

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