Take the Cake: Bite-sized Inspiration for the Savvy Baker

How to Photograph Your Dessert Like a Pro

If you didn’t take a photo of your dessert, did you really eat it?

Photographs capture the most intimate of moments in everyday life. Naturally, documenting your culinary creation as it enters the world is one of these special moments.

  1. Angle

Want to make your cupcake look regal? Simple. Just use a lower perspective. So take a knee, get low, and snap away. Not only does this make your dessert seem more grand, but it puts the focus on the details of your creation. All cupcake. No distraction. Pure elegance.

cupcake crown on pedestal

White Wedding Cake Crown Topper. PC: Brides.

2. Lighting

Arguably one of the most important aspects of photography is lighting. The direction, the intensity, and the type of light can completely change the aesthetic. Say you want your food to look appealing & airy, all you need is some soft lighting to make this attainable.


Before & After Natural Light. PC: Fstoppers.

Think natural light. Just crack open those blinds and let that sunlight flood your room. Oh, and never turn on the flash.

3. Keep your horizon straight

Unless you’re trying to do an artsy tilt, a straight horizon keeps lines clean and the focus on the object at hand. You can use your camera’s built-in grid, or just line up the frame with the bottom of your viewfinder.


Créme Caramel. PC: Red Velvet NYC.

Notice how the back of the counter is parallel to the top of the image. Ah, perfection.

  1. Add a human!

By having a hand holding your dessert, not only do you show scale, but you also add a human element to your photo. This makes it more real for your viewers.


Wowful at Smorgasburg.

  1. Take a bite

If you can’t wait to taste your dessert, this option is perfect for you. A dessert with a single bite taken out almost invites your viewers to indulge with you.


Blueberry Thyme Underwest Donut.

  1. Make use of those filters

Lucky for us, apps like Instagram and VSCO do the dirty work for us and have filters ready-to-go. Here are some of our favorites!

300 movie backround

Blueberry Thyme Underwest Donut with various filters.

In terms of your camera, you can go fancy-schmancy and use a DSLR like the pros or just take out your good old smartphone camera to capture your dessert. Now you’re this much closer to showing off your culinary skills and your photography skills!


Go forth and enjoy your treat!

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