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How to Plan the Perfect Easter Brunch

Here at Red Velvet, spring has sprung!

As we all know, spring time is synonymous with brunch time. As the lines outside of your favorite eateries get longer, and the wait follows suit, planning an Easter Brunch can seem like a daunting task. So pack up your avo-toast and eggs benedict to a place where the mimosas are always bottomless….aka, your own dining room. Here are some of our tricks to planning an Easter Brunch to end all Easter Brunches.

Keep the menu short:

Unfortunately you don’t have the time or space that Sarabeth’s has in order to whip up all of our brunch favorites (if you reside in New York that emphasis is on the space). You don’t need to serve mimosas and bellinis or eggs scrambled and sunny side up. Pick one or two main dishes and serve them up with love.

Keep it classic:

In order to assure that your limited menu is a crowd pleaser, keep it traditional. We have yet to meet a person that isn’t a fan of champagne and orange juice, so no need to get creative with the cocktails. When it comes to food follow the same mantra. Think asparagus quiche over avo-toast. And waffles over souffle. Some fresh berries and a simple dessert will pull your meal together.

Carrot Cake

Keep the food sharable:

It’s easier to slice up a tart than to take on the role of a short-order cook while hosting. Family-style dishes are best (large soufflés, omelets, for example), as they allow you to place a large dish in the center of the table, without running back to the kitchen. Make flatbreads that can be carved for the table or cheese plates that can be picked at by everyone.

Keep it custom:

Here at Red Velvet we love D.I.Y. projects. So why not save some of the work for your guests and allow them to customize part of their brunch. You can offer a juice bar where your guests can choose to mix their bubbly with orange, grapefruit or cranberry juice. This will make your brunch both personal and Instagram-worthy. You can also create a waffle bar with different topping options (fruit, chocolate, whipped cream). You’ll please both your crossfit friend with every berry known to man, as well as your friend who preaches that shopping is her cardio (we’re that friend). Everyone will be happy and you’ll save yourself some prep time.

Keep it on message:

Don’t be scared to embrace the holiday theme, short of dressing as the easter bunny and hopping around your kitchen (you may spill your mimosa). So dye some eggs a pastel hue and use them in a basket for your table centerpiece. Pick up some sunflowers and tulips from the local florist. Colors like green, yellow and pink should fill your space and brighten up the mood.

Don’t forget dessert:

What is a meal without a cake, or as Frank Costanza put it ever so sweetly “who doesn’t serve cake after a meal?”. In order to keep your guests happy serve up something sweet in the spirit of Easter, something like our very own carrot cake. With the addition of vegetables, you can tell your guests you’re bringing out another round of salad (ode to the crossfitter once again).

Happy Easter and Happy Baking!

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