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How To Reorganize Your Kitchen In 2017

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it can also be the heart of clutter.

From family meals to entertaining with friends, and everything in between, it’s easy for this space to get out of control. The New Year is the perfect time to declutter, so let’s get inspired with some quick and easy kitchen organization hacks!


Label Everything

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A great place to start is the pantry. By placing all of your most used ingredients in clear canisters with labels, it will transform your storage space as well as make everything easier to find! From flour, to coffee, to spices, to sprinkles, you can find labels for everything you need here. The best part is you can print them for free!


Get A Kitchen Cart

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If you’re tight on space a rolling kitchen cart is the perfect way to store items, while also keeping them on display. Not only can you keep things organized, but you can also roll the cart out when entertaining, or slide it under a table or shelf.


Hang A Chalkboard

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Keeping everything in one place is the perfect way to organize all aspects of your life. Condense calendars, meal prep, and to-do lists on one chalkboard, rather than having these items scattered throughout your house.


Install Cork In Your Cabinets

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Lining the inside of your cabinets with cork is an easy way to maximize space. You can hang utensils to free up drawer space, while also keeping them within easy reach. You can also pin your favorite go-to recipes here so you always know where they are!

Tidy Up Under The Sink

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The key to keeping your kitchen organized is making sure it stays clean. Install hooks and keep bins in the cabinet under your sink. This way you can have your cleaning supplies accessible at all times.

With these quick and easy fixes, your kitchen will be organized in no time!

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