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Using Nutella in Unique Ways

Nutella is some of the best stuff on Earth- and we go nuts for it!

Here at Red Velvet, Nutella is a favorite ingredient. It’s the superstar that takes our Nutella cupcakes to a whole new level (we use it in a thick buttercream frosting, mixed with creamed butter and confectioner’s sugar), and we even dedicated one of our February blog posts to the delectable hazelnut and cocoa spread. However, many people aren’t aware of Nutella’s amazing potential, beyond spreading it on toast or crêpes. There are a number of unique ways that you can incorporate Nutella into your cooking:


Cupcakes with creamy Nutella buttercream


One of our favorite ways to cook with Nutella is by baking it into treats like brownies and banana bread. That’s right – imagine digging into freshly baked goodies, made even more delicious with a layer of Nutella. Talk about a dessert upgrade!

For Nutella brownies, we love this recipe from the food blog Sally’s Baking Addiction, which author Sally McKenney tops with sea salt (yum!).



Nutella Brownies from Sally’s Baking Addiction


And for Nutella banana bread, check out this recipe from Desirée Campbell’s blog, The 36th Avenue. She enhances her banana bread by swirling Nutella across the top of the batter- delicious, right?



Nutella Banana Bread from The 36th Avenue


Once you’ve had a taste of baked goods made with Nutella, you’ll definitely be adding it to your dessert rotation. But how about washing it down with a beverage? Nutella’s got that covered, too. In the summer months, beat the heat with a thick Nutella milkshake – the addition of Nutella will make it extra rich and decadent. And when it gets chilly later in the year, stir Nutella into hot chocolate for a unique take on the wintertime favorite. YUM.



Nutella milkshake from chefsavvy.com


Brownies, banana bread, shakes, and hot cocoa – these are just a few of the many ways you can incorporate Nutella into your recipes. And don’t be afraid to come up with your own unique chocolate-hazelnutty concoctions.


After all, everything tastes good with Nutella in it (well, almost everything).

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  • It all looks so delicious! I need to try this! That Banana bread looks amazing!