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Best of New York: Hot Cocoa


As winter officially begins, we decided to warm up with a hot cocoa food tour.

Hot cocoa is a staple of the December diet and we were excited to try some new flavors. We went around Manhattan to different places to get some of the best hot cocoa we could find. In the end, we got some classic hot cocoa and we also got an interesting new favorite!


Where we went: Magnolia Bakery
What we drank: Hot cocoa with whipped cream
Why we love it: Hot chocolate might not be what Magnolia Bakery is known for, but it certainly is great. Coming from one of New York’s most famous bakeries, we knew that their hot cocoa had to be good. It was the perfect amount of chocolate and the added sweetness of the whipped cream was the icing on the cake!
Everyone’s favorite bakery since Sex and the City, Magnolia Bakery, has stores all over the world, baking delicious cupcakes for decades now. (They have to be good to be this big, right!) Their dainty storefronts, perfect swirl of frosting and decorations are what makes this bakery so recognizable.




Where we went: Madman Espresso (Midtown West)
What we drank: Hot chocolate
Why we love it: Hot chocolate – a classic. This simple drink was probably one of the best hot chocolates we’ve had. While it wasn’t overwhelmingly chocolatey, the taste was perfect. Pro tip: if you ask the barista, they’ll top off your drink with a design. Some of the designs we saw online were of bears and hearts – adorable!
Though Madman Espresso might be a coffee chain, they claim to make their cafes feel like home and they really do. The decor is very rustic and this small, quiet coffee shop in Midtown is perfect to get some work done or catch up with friends. Madman prides itself on serving the best espresso and building relationships with coffee bean growers around the world to promote farming.




Where we went: Grace Street (Korea Town)
What we drank: Matcha Hot Cocoa
Why we love it: Combining two of the greatest flavors ever, matcha and chocolate, this matcha hot cocoa is definitely a new favorite!

Walking into Grace Street alone is an experience. The layout is reminiscent of a cafeteria, with long picnic table type seating, however the decor and ambiance are extra cute. The wooden tables and metal frame light bulbs make this space super modern and fun. What’s especially interesting about this place is their menu. All of the flavor profiles of their desserts and beverages are inspired by tea – ie, the amazing matcha hot cocoa! Not only did they have matcha hot cocoa, they had jasmine hot cocoa as well. Two flavors I have personally never heard of combined before but I’m sure it’s an experience. If you go to Grace Street, you should eat their signature dish, Ho-Dduk. Essentially, Ho-Dduk is a doughnut filled with a gooey, warm brown sugar inside. No matter what you get at Grace Street, you’re guaranteed to get a unique food or beverage that will not let you down. (PS when the weather gets warmer, get their shaved snow!)

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