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New York’s Best: Doughnuts

Ah, doughnuts, our sugary, fried, oh-so-flavorful friends. After reading this blog we’ll have you saying Cronut who?

With all of the hype around crazy milkshakes, rolled ice cream, and mini cupcakes, doughnuts are often forgotten about. So we decided to take to the streets and visit some of the most tantalizing doughnut shops in the city.

Where We Went: Spreadhouse Cafe (Lower East Side)

What We Ate: A Coconut doughnut with the perfect ratio of dough-meets-frosting-meets-coconut.

Why We Love It:   They are everywhere! Dough’s doughnuts are being served in a growing number of cafes and coffee shops. We decided to give them a try in a boho-feeling shop called Spreadhouse Cafe on the Lower East Side. This relaxed vibe coffee shop is perfect for grabbing a yummy doughnut and getting to work.


Where we went: Underwest Donut (Hell’s Kitchen) A bit difficult getting there, but well worth the trek.

What We Ate: Blueberry Thyme Doughnut

Why we love it: Underwest’s doughnuts are so lovely. If you want to enjoy views of the Hudson while casually getting your car washed while eating artfully crafted doughnuts, then this is the place for you! There was an array of doughnuts to choose from including Dark Chocolate, Green Tea, and Maple Waffle. What a difficult decision!

We ended up going with the Blueberry Thyme flavor. It was a stunning doughnut, with a rich dark purple frosting and two candied citrus strips. The combination seemed intimidating at first; however, the thyme was very subtle. When we broke the doughnut apart, we were delightfully surprised by the blue inside! Such a fun and striking treat, it was by far our favorite.

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Where we went: Dun-Well Doughnuts (WilliamsBurg, Brooklyn)

What We Ate: Strawberry Doughnut with powdered sugar

Why we love itThe atmosphere!

We entered the quaint hole-in-the-wall shop with large windows that brightened up the whole place. The friendly and informed staff were very helpful in our decision-making process. In the end, we went with the Strawberry doughnut. It had a light pink glaze and a soft powdered sugar sprinkle. In terms of aesthetics, this one takes the (Red Velvet) cake! What set this doughnut apart from the others was its glaze had pieces of real strawberries and that gave it a natural flavor.

resized strawberry

In terms of aesthetics, this one takes the (Red Velvet) cake!


Where we went: Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

What we ate: Sour Cream Doughnut and Red Velvet Doughnut

Why we love it: The shop felt like home!

Last but not least, we visited Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop. It gave us a diner-like feel, packed with as many customers as there were doughnuts! When it was our turn to order we decided on their best seller, the sour cream doughnut, and couldn’t resist trying out our namesake: the red velvet doughnut. All the treats in the shop gave off a homemade feel, as if they were fried in your own kitchen! We were skeptical about the sour cream flavor, but it ended up being a fun twist on your classic glazed doughnut. As for the red velvet, this reminded us of visiting the local fair. It took us back to our childhood, going to the fair with our families and being in fried food bliss all day.

resized donut line



With this newfound knowledge, go forth and enjoy all the delicious doughnuts the city has to offer!

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