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New York’s Best: Pumpkin Desserts

Keep calm and get your pumpkin on.

It’s no secret that pumpkin spice is the official flavor of autumn and especially in a city like New York, pumpkin desserts are everywhere. Though the trend of pumpkin might get a little tiring, these desserts will certainly get you excited for fall!


Where we went: Melt Bakery (Lower East Side)

What we ate: Jack Ice Cream Sandwich

Why we love it: We’re not sure why we’ve never had pumpkin pie ice cream but trying it was life changing! Even for a cold autumn day, this ice cream sandwich was impossible to resist. What really compliments the delicious pumpkin pie ice cream are the two warm, soft and chewy molasses cookies that make up the Jack sandwich.


Melt Bakery, or “New York’s Ice Cream Sandwich Store”, focuses on creating sustainable ice cream sandwiches using locally sourced ingredients. Their menu changes seasonally, but their combinations are never dull! Even their “classic” sandwich is not simply vanilla ice cream with a chocolate cookie – it’s vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip walnut cookies. As of right now, their menu consists a large range of flavor combinations. For instance, try their Lovelet sandwich (red velvet cookies, cream cheese ice cream) for a take on a red velvet cake or eat outside the box and get a Prairie Dawn sandwich (blueberry muffincookies, sweet corn ice cream). No matter what flavor you get at Melt Bakery, you will always be satisfied. The storefront might be hard to miss, but look for the little ice cream sandwich cart outside and you’re good to go! Since their sandwiches are all premade, you never have to wait on line.



Where we went: Doughnut Plant (Lower East Side)

What we ate: Pumpkin Yeast Doughnut, Pumpkin & Spiced Pepitas Cake Doughnut, Pumpkin Doughseed Filled Doughnut

Why we love it: All three of these doughnuts were so amazing! The yeast doughnut was super light and fluffy, not too oily. The cake doughnut was a perfect, dense texture. The filled doughnut was a small doughnut filled with a sweet, pumpkin cream. The three doughnuts were all topped with the same glaze and a handful of spiced pepita seeds for an added crunch.





Doughnut Plant is a small but popular chain with stores across NYC serving their wide variety of flavors and doughnuts to happy customers. One thing that Doughnut Plant does really well is providing a variety of flavors and types of doughnuts so that every customer is satisfied. Their menu changes seasonally, and they’re always bringing old favorites back. No matter what doughnut you order, you can tell that Doughnut Plant uses the highest quality ingredients for their fresh doughnuts. The store is super cozy and has the coolest decorations. The friendly service at the register and the fast barista service all make your Doughnut Plant experience truly memorable.




Where we went: Petee’s Pie Company (Lower East Side)

What we ate: Pumpkin Pie

Why we love it: The crust on this pumpkin pie was super flaky and light. Though the pumpkin pie was not heavily spiced, the pumpkin flavor was the main star of this dish.

For late night pies, Petee’s Pie Company is your new go-to destination. Open until 1 am on some days, Petee’s offers fresh, flavorful pies all night long. Their large selection of pie flavors range from fruity, to savory, to sweet, and they even have cheesecake! The storefront itself is cute and homey, with bar seating by the window so you have a scenic view of the streets of Manhattan while you enjoy your favorite slice of dessert. However, if it’s too cold for you to leave your house, order online from their website for delivery!

Now that we’ve told you our favorite pumpkin spice dessert destinations, leave a comment and tell us yours!

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