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New York’s Best: Red Velvet Desserts

We’ll never turn down Red Velvet!


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It’s no secret that Red Velvet cupcakes are our favorite dessert. Luckily in NYC there’s so many delicious variations of Red Velvet, so of course we made it our mission to try just a few of the desserts this city has to offer!


Where we went: City Cakes

What we ate: Killer Red Velvet Cream Cheese Stuffed Half-Pound Cookie

Why we love it: First of all have you ever seen a cookie this big? As if the size wasn’t decadent enough, the gooey cream cheese filling puts it over the top! Baked to perfection and encrusted in sugar, this cookie is the perfect treat to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Where we went: Empire Cake

What we ate: Red Velvet Snack Cake

Why we love it: This is the grown up version of a favorite childhood snack: the Twinkie! With a white chocolate layer on the outside, and red velvet cake on the inside with a cream cheese center, this is a delicious twist on the classic Red Velvet recipe.


Where we went: The Donut Pub

What we ate: Red Velvet Cake Donut

Why we love it: We’re a big endorser of dessert for breakfast, and there’s no better way of doing this then pairing a sweet donut with your cup of joe. A sugary glaze and a hint of chocolate makes this donut the perfect choice.


Where we went: Baked NYC

What we ate: Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

Why we love it: Oversized Red Velvet cookies stuffed to the brim with cream cheese frosting? Say no more!

If you’re on the hunt for even more Red Velvet deliciousness, our cupcakes will do the trick!

Photo Credit: Giphy

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