Take the Cake: Bite-sized Inspiration for the Savvy Baker

New York’s Best: Sprinkles

May is a month for celebration! School’s out, the sun is shining and everyone is happier.

To compliment this mood, we’ve laid a delicious trail of sprinkles to lead you the perfect New York desserts.


Where: Sweet Generation

We love a cute bakery, and Sweet Generation is a gem; stop by for a while or just dash in for cookie.

rice cripsyMarshmallows, rice crispies and sprinkles? It’s childhood in a dessert and in the best way possible – this generous chunk is sure to keep your fingers sticky and your smile big.

pop tart

Pop Tarts – another throwback (or not). Homemade is even better, with a thick shortbread crust and a gooey jammy filling, we think mom would approve.

Where: Momofuku Milk Bar


Oh Momofuku, you always have such a long line outside, but we still find ourselves at your door. Let Momofuku put you in the mood for celebration, skip the cereal milk and head straight for these birthday truffles –they’re bound to start a party in your mouth.


Although often overlooked in favor of the compost cookie, the funfetti deserves to have its trumpet blown just as much – so consider this a tribute to the truly delicious funfetti cookie!

Where: Chikalicious


Wander over from Momofuku (truffles and cookie in hand, of course) and try Chikalicious’ newest delight; the Churro Cone. Yes, you read that right – vanilla soft serve in a churro cone with adorned with the crunch sweetness of sprinkles.

It was truly tough testing all the desserts necessary for this tour, but somehow we managed – just for you.

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