Take the Cake: Bite-sized Inspiration for the Savvy Baker

New York’s Best: Peanut Butter Sweets

Sometimes smooth, and sometimes crunchy. Peanut butter, that nutty spread that’s oh so amazing, might at times make you feel like you have an addition problem.

The protein-packed nutritious goodness that goes so well with so many foods, can be used at breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Don’t forget about snack time. We know you’re eating it straight out of the jar – shhh, secret’s safe with us!

For any of you hopelessly devoted to peanut butter, here are a few glorious peanut butter treats that can savor the need for that roasted, creamy, dense staple in our lives.

Where We Went: Doughnuttery (Chelsea Market, Meatpacking District)

What We Ate: Peanut Butter Cayenne Pretzels sugary goodness atop a mini donut

Why We Love It:  We love all things mini. Why? Because four sliders may equal a burger, but chowing down on eight of them doesn’t feel like it because they’re SO small. Cheers to tiny food for allowing us to eat more than one donut without feeling like grabbing our yoga mats and Dandasana-ing until we drop.

Doughnuttery is not only located in the most charming market we New Yorkers have ever laid eyes on (Chelsea Market), but they serve these tiny bites of dough. The shop allows you to BYOD (build your own donut). If Peanut Butter is your thing, dive into the Peanut Butter Cayenne Pretzels sugar. This heavenly powder will take your taste buds on an adventure worthy of your sophisticated palate. If you choose to keep it as classic as Blair and save the risks for the Serena of your group, you can’t go wrong with the Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly combo. PB&J are the longest lasting couple you know, after all.

Doughnuttery doughnuttery


PB&J are the longest lasting couple you know, after all.

Where we went: Little Cupcake (SoHo)

What We Ate: Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcake & Peanut Butter Cookie

Why we love it: Little Cupcake has always been one of our absolute favorite spots to grab a cup of coffee, munch on a cupcake, and maybe even spot Joe Jonas (who claims the bench outside is his favorite place to people watch).

Peanut butter and jelly. A match made in heaven. A true dynamic duo. Like Carrie and Big or Christian Louboutin and Sample Sales.  This PB&J cupcake will transport you to a simpler time when mom used to pack your lunch. Not only was this cupcake gorgeous, but after taking a huge lady-like bite we discovered a jelly center. Our favorite kind of buried treasure.
The real star here though was a fabulous cookie. The sugar glistened on top like jewels on a tiara , and the peanut butter chips melted in our mouths the second we took a nibble. Our only complaint is that this cookie did not regenerate once we ate it up.


   little cupcake


Where we went: Sweet Revenge (West Village)

What We Ate: Sweet Revenge peanut butter cake with ganache filling and peanut butter fudge frosting & Peanut Butter Cookie

Why we love itWe wouldn’t mind revenge if it was always this sweet and covered in fudge. This cafe may be known for its expert level wine pairings and truffled covered foods, but it’s hidden gem are these Met-worthy masterpieces they claim are cupcakes. They are divine and may be the 8th wonder of the world.

After photographing this cupcake as though it had just won Miss Universe, it was finally time to dig in, and we were not disappointed. It was peanutty goodness down to its core, which was filled with ganache. YUM.  

If the Sweet Revenge cupcake is queen, then the pb cookie would be its heir. Our detective skills think this dessert has a secret ingredient (our taste buds say cinnamon), making it so much more than your average pb cookie. In a city this hectic, fret not — paradise can be found on Carmine Street in a bite of this cookie.

sweet revenge   sweet revenge


Where we went: Molly’s Cupcakes NYC (West Village)

What we ate: Peanut Butter and Nutella cupcake

Why we love it: Choosing between peanut butter and Nutella is like choosing between Jimmy Choo and Manolo – not easy. Molly’s Cupcakes, however, has created the ultimate combination with their peanut butter cupcake. The cake batter is peanut butter flavored, and the filling and frosting are made of Nutella. Bite through the fluffy nuttiness of the cake only to discover a heavenly core of chocolate and hazelnut. Bow down to the altar of Molly.



Where we went: Lafayette (Nolita)

What we ate: Peanut Butter Cookie

Why we love it: Imagine a corner of Paris in New York – that’s Lafayette Bakery. Beside the beautiful counter of macarons and pastries sits their peanut butter cookie. It’s a little more delicate in flavor than its American counterpart, but equally delicious. Sometimes a little nuttiness goes a long way…



In the city that never sleeps, it might be because of the never ending treats…

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