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Nutella, What Dreams Are Made Of

Is there anything Nutella isn’t capable of? To millions, it’s considered to be one of the most amazing substances ever known. You can eat it for any meal. You can spread it on bread. Or pastries. Or fruit. Or…well, the list is endless. You can also mix it into existing recipes for an even better result. You can eat it raw. You can eat it cooked. You can eat it hot. Or you can eat it straight out of the jar.  Let’s face it: there’s a lot Nutella can pull off.

Nutella cupcakes

Nutella dates back to the 1940s, when Pietro Ferrero created the spread in Italy. The pastry maker wanted to find a cheap alternative to chocolate, which was in short supply after World War II. Ferrero blended hazelnuts with a little cocoa to make a new (and very addictive) spread. 

Eataly’s Nutella Bar, credit: Eater NY

 Here in New York, there’s an entire section of the store Eataly, the Italian marketplace and probably the closest thing to heaven on earth, dedicated to it. The Nutella bar allows guests to discover and experience the hazelnut-chocolate spread in creative ways they have never tried before. In crepes, in waffles, as gelato, atop pastries, and more!

It’s obvious that Nutella is magical.


Nutella cupcakes

 We love working with it, just as much as we enjoy eating it. Our Nutella cupcakes are frosted with a buttercream that’s rich, fluffy, and creamy all at once. We whip butter, add Nutella, then confectioner’s sugar, to create one of our favorite cupcake toppings. We even roast fresh hazelnuts to accentuate that nutty flavor and compliment that gooey milky chocolate. We place a perfectly toasted nut on top of each finished cupcake. Every queen needs a crown, and our cupcakes are basically regal, right? 

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